Thursday, July 06, 2006

Do You Ever Wonder..........

What happened to that person or friend or even a best friend you had in high school?

Well I have a best friend from high school that just recently found me again. How do you ask? There is a website called Classmates. You can go to this site and register with your high school and maybe get some answers to those questions of whatever happened to him/her. It is free to register and there is small fees if you really want to get involved with it. This friend that has recently found me again was my best friend in high school and we hung out all the time. She moved away from AZ and we managed to stay in touch for awhile and then things change and you lose touch. Dear friend, if you are reading this now do you remember that picture we took in Sedona? I have it hanging in my hallway and always have since I have lived here in CA. When I was 15 maybe 16 I went over to her house one day and she was crocheting an afghan and I loved it and wanted her to teach me. I have been crocheting ever since. So that should be about 23 years now. I love it and it is my favorite hobby. I did learn to knit later too, but I prefer the one hook of crocheting over the two needles of knitting. I am making my son some red socks right now.

So if you are ever feeling nostalgic or just want to check it out, wonder over to Classmates and see if you recognize any names from your high school. You might make a connection.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my friend's husband today!
we won't mention his age he might not like to be reminded.