Friday, December 09, 2005

Would You Believe It?

One thing about being pregnant is that I like to look for sites that have some info, whether it be the same stuff I have heard or something new. I work from two computers, home and work, and I wanted to show my husband something from one of my sites I visit and I have it on my work one. So I was trying to Google it and lo and behold found something a lot more weird.

Lee Mingwei to carry off the "first human male pregnancy"

Me, of course, the curious one, will go straight for the Urban Legends and hoax pages first. I will debunk anything if I can. First though I did go to this page. Too much, it offers an ultrasound, EKG and Journals and videos. Sounds legitimate, doesn't it? The science sounds logical, right? Looks like an official page. So off to the Urban Legend page and I find this.

Now, fourteen years later, people have begun to wonder about the web site at, which purports to chronicle the efforts of one Lee Mingwei to carry off the "first human male pregnancy." The site hosts video clips of "Mr. Lee," an ultrasound video of his "baby," an "interview" in which he explains why he's doing this, a discussion of how male pregnancy is scientifically possible, and a chat room where visitors can discuss the "social implications" of male pregnancies.

Is this for real? No.

Then Google leads me to another Hoaxes page and more info. first appeared online in 1999, but began to receive extensive media attention in 2000. The author of the site was Virgil Wong, who claimed that he intended the site to be a work of art.

It is kind of like those hard luck emails that go around all the time or the one that stands out was the 3 year old boy that died in a McDonalds playland ball pit from a dirty needle. I always recommend before you send some email claiming something check it out on the hoax page. It is likely going to be there.

Oh yeah, I still haven't found that page I was looking for.