Monday, December 05, 2005

Back On Track

I hope. Good Morning all of my loyal readers. I am sorry I have not been posting lately. I have been busy, tired, and just plain lazy. I have not even been on the internet that much. Let's change that a little. Everyday I see something I want to talk about then I am just too lazy or tired to get online to do it. Mr. MM and I have been doing a lot of baby shopping. That's fun. My weekends are limited to about one good errand a day and then I am just exhausted. Mr. MM has not been feeling well lately so I am trying not to get his cold. OK onto the news that interests me lately.

Jennifer Garner had her baby on 12/01/05 and named her Violet. I like it. Thank you to Jennifer for naming her something normal, albeit old-fashioned. I still like it though. I have noticed that old-fashioned names are becoming more popular.

Gas prices continue to plummet. Thank goodness. Remember that corner I told you was at $3.05 at it's peak. I think it is down to $2.19 now. Wow, what a drop, and it's about time.

Do we ever really care what this woman says?

Thanks Dave for the enlightment. People just have nothing better to do, do they? We will stay until we are no longer needed and I support that!

Ok that's it for today. See you tomorrow I promise.