Thursday, June 25, 2009


I grew up watching "All My Children" (AMC) and other ABC soaps with my Grandma. As a teenager, I caught episodes during the summers. And in 2002, during a 9 month period of unemployment, I became reacquainted with AMC and the daily escapades of Susan Lucci's Erica Kane. It has been 7 years since I tuned in, but I can't say I am sorry that I am missing it. According to what I read in TV Guide, AMC, and practically every other daytime serial, is rushing into gay-themed storylines. Not only is Erica Kane's daughter Bianca a lesbian, but AMC even experimented with a separate transgender storyline. I don't understand the fascination with pushing the envelope and exploring gay romance. TV Guide's soap opera columnist Michael Logan seems to demand it! While the worldly may eat it up, it alienates a lot of viewers with traditional and conservative values. With the overall audiences for daytime dramas slipping, we may, unfortunately see more gay and lesbian characters in an effort to shore up a niche audience. In the long run, though, this is not a formula that God can bless.