Thursday, September 01, 2005

My View and My Heart Breaks

Someone made a comment to me yesterday, when were talking about the catastrophe, that these people should of gotten out when they were told. Ok, let's have a little timeline here.

Monday early a.m. August 29, 2005
Hurricane Katrina slams into the gulf coast cities and towns of Louisiana and Mississippi. This category 4 hurricane reeks havoc on the towns leveling homes, buildings and anything else it can find to destroy. There are no boundaries for Mother Nature's fury, she does not discriminate. Mississippi has the brunt of it, as New Orleans breathes a little sigh of relief that they have damage, power outages and minimal loss of life at this time.

Tuesday a.m. August 30, 2005
Hurricane Katrina is still packing it's punch as it crosses state lines heading north. The rain that this storm dropped in the New Orleans area causes the rivers and water areas to be inundated and levees break causing 80% of New Orleans to be under water. Not only have lives been lost now, it is unfathomable to count at this time. Refugees pack the very damaged Super Dome (home of the New Orleans Saints) in need of shelter and aid. Over inundated with people it becomes necessary to make arrangements as there has been a request from the Mayor that all residents leave the city.

You ask what is my point of this story, well I will tell you. I believe the statement made by the person was very inaccurate. First the storm has caused major power outages and this has probably prevented communication that the levees were breaking. A lot of the people hit were the poor, elderly and children, that rely on public transportation to get out. Where was this going to come from? Watching the Fox News Channel last night and some of the videos and this poor black woman pointing behind her saying, "these people back there in the Projects, heart patients, diabetics and invalids need help." The Projects aren't exactly crawling with Mercedes, BMWs or Cadillac's. Please tell me how these people are to get out without aid? Hospitals with neo-natal units and life support patients. This has been the most devastating natural disaster to hit the U.S in most of our living years now. It may surpass the 1906 earthquake of San Francisco if it hasn't already.

The looting of TV's and guns is horrible. Today we need to support these people the best we can and Mr Media Matters and I are donating to the Red Cross to help with what we can. Please do what you can to aid