Monday, August 29, 2005

Men, You Probably Don't Want to Read This.

Can someone please tell me what a "happy period" is?. I have been seeing these Always commercials and they close the commercial with "Have a happy period." You are joking, right? I am sorry there is nothing happy about that time of the month. That is one of the most dumbest things I have ever heard, "have a happy period." If you are like me, you have pain, moodiness and will bite the head off of anyone that comes near you. I am sorry that does not sound very happy to me. Just ask my husband, he gets the brunt of the "happy period," and I guarantee he doesn't think it is very happy either. The irritability alone is bad, but add pain and oh, just don't even mess with me. For that matter, don't even look at me and you might be safe in another room. The words "hi babe" are enough to set me on edge. Don't "hi babe" me and make your own dinner, as the "dumbfounded" and then "realization" look takes affect. Poor guy. It definitely takes a lot of self control to keep myself from going over the edge, and believe me, I am not always successful at it. So remember "Have a happy period," and then get out of my face while you are at it.