Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Baby Foods

So being pregnant again after all these years is definitely and tiring feat. I have a lot of support this time around and helpful friends. I research a lot more now than I did then and friends find stuff for me. A co-worker e-mailed me this link to an article on infant food myths. Very interesting. My daughter was a formula baby and a baby food baby until a year old. I see commercials for baby foods today and advertising for toddler baby foods. I would have to say that that is just a money grabbing ploy, I don't think babies need to eat baby foods from a jar if they are over a year old . The baby food companies try to grab you with how nutritious their toddler foods in a jar are. I would rather give my toddler some real noodles and sauce then spend money on the jar baby food. Check out the article though. I found it very interesting. A 21 month old who loves Jalapenos, too hot for me.