Thursday, September 29, 2005

Are They Stupid?

This just infuriates me.

Police: Baby Dies After 7 Hours In Mom's Car

How does someone leave a baby in the car for hours? I understand the neglecting ones that just don't care. The ones that say, "I had no idea, I thought my wife/or husband dropped her off." Are you kidding me. First off all children make noise. Even if they don't, that is no excuse for you not to know your child is in or not in your vehicle. How about this one, " I forgot to drop the baby off and didn't even realize she was in the car." Are you freaking kidding me. YOU DUMB ASSES. Lady, you don't deserve to be a parent. If you are that absentminded then you need to be arrested for stupidity. Try looking around in your vehicle if before you get out. I think parents should be charged, even for just a mistake. It is murder anyway you look at it. Not first degree(pre-meditated) but definitely warrants a murder charge or manslaughter. I am so sick of hearing these stories all the time and then the parents getting off because it was just a "tragic mistake." Yeah, one that should never have been made. Idiots.