Friday, October 07, 2005

Michael Medved, Hmmm?

Well we were on our way home from Reno and listening to Michael Medved. He was commenting on how extreme the left was on their attacks against the right and that the right was not as extreme. He put out there did anyone agree or disagree with him and what were their examples if they disagreed. He was talking about a local resident in the Seattle area (a veteran) who displayed his support for the war and Bush and how his house is always under attack. I remember it being during the election and always hearing about the attacks on the local Republican offices. Are we just a better class of people? Well in the hour that we were listening no one had an example for him about the right attacking the left as violently and offensive as the left does. One moron actually said that the right was just getting ready to put the left in boxcars and ship them off to the gas chambers. Michael is right the left is paranoid. Another story of the show was about a woman who was kicked off a Southwest flight for wearing an offensive t-shirt and of course it was a leftist and her screaming about her freedom of speech. The shirt was a picture of Bush, Cheney, and Rice, and it said "meet the F@#$%&*", I am sure you all can fill in the blanks. I am sorry but can you just here your child going mommy who are the "effers"? You know I am sorry but this is very offensive and the plane had the right to kick her off. Like I said, it just shows lack of class. I would have complained too. If it said "meet the idiots" it would not have been offensive it would have just been showing a lack of class and brains, but 4 letter words are offensive. Anyone that feels they have a right to wear something like that does deserve to be kicked off the plane.