Monday, October 31, 2005

Supreme Court Justice?

I am so sick of this Supreme Court stuff. I am also very disappointed in the Republicans. Their lack of support of the President's first choice just makes the President look weak and feeds the fuel of the Left. As if the left doesn't have enough of their own made-up fuel. I already heard that Ted K. was making an ass of himself this morning. Big surprise. I think everybody (except the left of course) should have trusted that the President made the choice of Harriet Miers, for a good reason. President Bush is not a dumb man, even though there are idiots out there that would like you to believe it. Now we have to start this nonsense all over again and the attacks all over again. CBS with their snide remark "sloppy seconds" Oh brother. Is everybody going to be happy now because Alito has a paper trail? Whatever, I am sure that Harriet Miers would of made a fine Justice and I am sorry that she and the President had to get the bashing from their own party that they did.