Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A New Fashion Trend?

I will admit, I love to lay around in my pajamas. How about you? I have noticed and so has my husband, that when we drive down the street, a lot of teenage girls are running around in pajama bottoms. Well I guess it is a fashion trend. This article mentions that: "There's a new fad of students." A high school in Ogden, Utah has quite a bit of students donning this cozy attire. A Principal for an elementary school goes on to say:
"There are worse things a kid could wear to school," said Ross Lunceford, principal of Hillcrest Elementary School in Ogden.

I do agree with that statement, there are worse things kids could be wearing. I don't think though that these schools should be encouraging these kids to dress this way. You want to teach your child that when they go out into the real world you will not be able to dress like that. That is if they want to get a successful job or a girl wants to find a good husband, this won't happen if they are looking like they just rolled out of bed. Pajamas are lay around the house all day wear, not public outing wear. Did I mention that my own next door neighbor looks like this. She is always going out of the house with pajama bottoms and slippers. Just tacky.