Thursday, December 15, 2005

Brooke Shields was not the only one.........

I love Patricia Cornwell books. Her heroine Kay Scarpetta is an excellent character and well written. So far I think I have all of the Scarpetta books in the series. 13 I think. Well yesterday I came across this and it made me respect her even more.

Best-selling crime writer Patricia Cornwell has attacked Hollywood star Tom Cruise, claiming his Scientology beliefs are "dangerous" and could endanger the lives of impressionable young fans.

The author said she was horrified by Cruise's dismissal of psychiatry and his claim that mental disorders are imaginary and the medication to treat them is an attempt to suppress people.

Of course we all remember his attack on Brooke Shields earlier this year. She replied with the grace and poise of a real woman:
Shields replied that Cruise "should stick to saving the world from aliens
and let women [with] the condition decide what treatment options are best for them". (postpartum depression)

I deal with the rigors of all kinds of mental obstacles in my family life, and for some moron to go public that there is no such thing is just plain idiotic. Tom Cruise needs to stick to acting(which he is not very good at) and shut up. He was good in War of the Worlds though. I loved that movie.