Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Have to Gloat! GO BRONCOS

I tried to hang on and not do it but I can't stand it anymore. WOO HOO! My team made it to the AFC Championship game. Go Denver!!!! It is going to be a re-match of the 1998 AFC Championship game but the only difference is the Steelers are coming to the Broncos this time instead of the other way around. Denver went on to win that game in 98' and go on to the Super Bowl. That was the most awesome game for this long time fan. Sweet victory. I have been a fan for 20 years and saw them go to the Super Bowl for the first time(second super bowl for Broncos) with John Elway and proceeded to see two more losses for them in the following years. Heartbreak. So the Super Bowl against the Green Bay Packers(who had won the year before) was great. The Broncos were only 8-8 that season and were a wild card team on the road for the playoffs, that is what made the win that much better. Well this year they are not so dire and went 13-3 and undefeated at home. They look good this year. I just hope they play better offensively next game than they did last one. That was a defensive and special teams game all the way.

Unfortunately I am going to miss the game on Sunday because we leave for our cruise that day and we will be on the road driving to the port. I will TiVo it and if anyone even mentions football around me I will plug my ears. I want to watch my game not hear about it.

If you are Mrs Media Matters fan and your team did not make it to the playoffs, root for the Denver Broncos for me!