Friday, January 06, 2006

Once Again..... A Reflection

I can't help but to reflect on life and death today. I am getting closer to bringing life into this world again and must stop to think of the opposite of that, life leaving this world. Today at work we received some very sad news. One of our co-workers passed away last night. He did work in my direct department so I did see him daily. Him and I were on friendly terms and talked. He was a very nice guy. I remember one Christmas he gave me some dolphin coasters and he wasn't even my secret Santa. He just knew I liked dolphins and thought I might like them. I have those on my table at home. He was a very nice guy. He did suffer from a serious heart attack last year and was on leave for most of the year. He had returned later in the year. Yesterday he seemed like the normal guy he was. He hasn't seemed to have had any problems since he has been back. Some of the life style changes he should of made after is attack, like quit smoking, didn't happen though. I know he was eating a little better. Him and I use to talk football quite a bit. His favorite team is the Oklahoma Sooners, my dad's Alma Mater. He was still fairly young, at only 47, so this was real hard for those of us that knew him. What happened was his wife woke up this morning and he didn't. I guess if it is your time to go that is the way to go. He will be missed. Goodbye Kelly.

Also today is the 10th anniversary of my best friends' wife's passing. I met him 3 months after her passing and never had the pleasure of knowing her. I have heard many stories passed on from him and I am sure I would have liked her very much. She is also thought of on this day.