Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Our Cruise!

Mazatlan on the Beach!

Oh my,! it was so fun. I have never been on a cruise so this was a blast. I think Mr. MM has once but it was work related, so I don't know if he got to enjoy it or not. Our cruise was from 1/22/06-01/29/06 to the Mexican Riviera. Our stops were Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and
Cabo San Lucas. We did not do so much at our first stop but shop and did go to the Wal Mart. We had shore excursions for the next two stops. Mazatlan we went to the beach at one of the resorts and shopped and had lunch. Last stop was Cabo and we went whale watching and got to see some whales, yay. Did not do much shopping at that port. I think I spent most of my money at the first two stops and gambling on board. Boy, money sure does go fast. I highly recommend this vacation trip, it was a blast. If you can drive to the port it is a lot cheaper than flying. We live in the Sacramento area and were able to drive down to the port at Long Beach. Worked out better. Ok, back to work, I will post another picture tomorrow.