Friday, September 12, 2008


My many thanks go out to all that have posted about the wonderful joy in our lives.

Andrea Shea King at The Radio Patriot

Melanie Morgan who referenced Dave's site about his post

and also this site special families

I am very small fish in this very large ocean of the blogoshpere thanks to all that read my posts.

Parker is a blessing and joy in our lives that will never diminish(but ask me again when he is a teenager and defiant on everything :), I might change my mind slightly). You know when I was pregnant with Parker I never even thought he would be anything other than perfect to us. Yes, there were concerns but I always believed it was going to be OK. Even as my husband and I constantly run from appt to appt on a weekly basis(daddy more than me, I lost one of my appts due to his therapist moved on) for him, WE don't consider it a burden. Parker thrives today and is a healthy, happy, and stereotypical 2 year old. OH so STUBBORN! He is a climber and a jumper and a yeller and has boundless energy. Sounds like a typical 2 year old to me. Yes, he has Cerebral Palsy, it mainly effects the left side of his body to where he turns out is left foot and he is weak on that side. (All the therapy he has helps.) This all stemmed from poor development of his brain in-utero. The right side of his brain is under- developed by 25- 50% this means he is missing that much of his brain. You know what, it hasn't slowed him down one bit. I believe he has trained other parts of his brain to compensate for what's not there. I love when he sings the ABC song. He is 2 and can identify his letters and numbers to 9 but can count to 13. He is very bright! OH! and a boy after his Mother's heart, loves FOOTBALL! I got him to say "GO BRONCOS"

Here is a picture I just took and as you can see it is a little blurry, trying to keep this boy still, Good Luck! Football on in the background, can we say YAY for NFL Playback and DVR!

Working Middle Class Mom's of Disabled Children for Sarah Palin