Friday, September 05, 2008

How Dumb Can They Be?

You know I was listening to Laura Ingrahm(sp?) this morning and she is funny. I really don't listen to talk shows that much, I do listen to Rush the most. She was talking about Sally Quinn (was that right?) Well she is just crazy lady numero uno! Anyway my question is; does the left really understand how stupid they sound? I guess the answer is "no". In this day of modern technology with DVR's, cell phones with camera and video, and just plain recording devices, how can you not expect what you said before to come back and bite you? Whether it be something that you contradicted yourself on or just plain women shouldn't work who have babies! I happen to be a woman with a career that has a family. My son is 2 years and 4 months and he has Cerebral Palsy(by the way he is thriving) My daughter is 19 and is in junior college, and I have a husband also. Well we happen to live in this great BLUE state of California(not great just in case you didn't get that sarcasm) and if I didn't work we couldn't live. I do happen to make more than my husband salary wise also, but how dare someone say because I have a career I shouldn't have a baby or children. I am in no way a feminist, I can't stand that movement, but I do support women working and having a family. How can you not? My husband and I could not afford to live on one salary thanks to the left and causing all the problems that lead to higher taxes, higher inflation, and higher cost of living in general. I'm sure if I did all the research, I could back up my claims, but I don't have time to get into that now. Let me ask you this, did you enjoy cashing that tax rebate check? I sure did. It helps. I can tell you that you won't see that again if a liberal runs the country. They are all about raising our taxes to cure their bad spending habits.

Working Middle Class Mom's of disabled children for Sarah Palin
***Update...... I can not stand Oprah, and she won't have Palin on her show because she doesn't cater to politicians. Please, Oprah is such a "me, me, me" and a phony. She certainly did make herself prominate at the DNC and pratically wet herself falling all over Obama!