Saturday, September 27, 2008


If you are a praying person, and I hope that you are, I encourage you to pray for the results of the presidential election. As I see it, the following swing states are the key to deciding who will win the electoral college. Conservatives need these states to swing into the McCain-Palin column to keep a Republican in the White House. Here are some prayer suggestions:

1) Colorado - pray that the all western-states ticket of McCain-Palin, and in particular the Governor's outdoorsy lifestyle, will appeal to the undecided voters in this adventurous outdoorsy state. And that Christian conservatives in the Colorado Springs area will be heavily motivated.

2) Pennsylvania - pray that the NRAs anti-Obama ads, coupled with Gov. Palin's strong track record as a hunter and gun owner will bring out the rural areas of Pennsylvania in large numbers for the Republican ticket. And that Joe Biden's "no coal plants in America" comment hurts the Democrats significantly amongst families in the steel industry.

3) Virginia - pray that this state stays in the red column and that rumors of Democrat-influenced voter fraud are stifled.

4) Minnesota - pray that the success of the Republican convention, and the economic boost it provided this state, lingers in the minds of all voters and that rural Minnesotans turn out in large numbers for the hockey mom.

5) New Hampshire - McCain's "Maverick" label seems to play well up there so pray this state rewards him for his independent streak when they pull the levers in their voting booths.

6) Pray that Florida remains a Red State and that Palin's large turnout of 60,000 people for a rally in the Orlando area will spark more interest in her and her running mate.

7) Ohio - Pray that conservative, pro-life Ohioans turn out in large numbers and that the Republicans have a superior Get Out the Vote effort.

These are just suggestions of how to pray about the election. I realize they don't guarantee victory. But a good, honest prayer never hurts.