Friday, October 03, 2008


I didn't get to watch the debate last night. I had to work until around 9 P.M. (pacific time)

But everything I've read says she did well. I am proud of her. My theory is she thrives on live audience feedback. She gets extra energy from the crowd in the chairs in front of her. That's why she knocked last night and her convention speech out of the park. Give her a live audience, as opposed to a taped interview, and she will always rise to the occasion.

I don't think her performance gets much media coverage beyond Thursday night, though. On Friday all of the MSM news outlets will switch to covering the House bailout vote and bury her performance. Normally the debate would dominate the next day's news cycle. But this time the media will want to change the subject and the House vote gives them an excuse to make that happen. Talk radio is the one exception -- the conservatives will talk her up all day long.

I still think polls matter. They help bring in cash for candidates. They help determine motivation and GOTV efforts. And they affect press coverage. So our side remains under the gun. Obama's lead is not insurmountable. But we need a couple more breaks to swing our way.

That's how I see it.