Friday, January 02, 2009


Our son Parker has been in speech therapy for over a year now. And it has been tremendously helpful. Before therapy he wasn't talking at all, and now he has a vocablualry of more than 50 words. So we have been very pleased with, and blessed by, his progress. But there is one sound he is having trouble with. He can't say "TR" as in truck. Instead, the "TR" comes out like an "F." So when he tries to say "truck," it comes out as a 4-letter word. Parker likes to stand on our bed, look out the window and watch the vehicles go by on our busy street. He can tell you whether each car passing by is a "car" or a "f...." He isn't trying to say a nasty word so it is all very cute and harmless. Some people probably give us dirty looks when he says his version of "truck" in public, but who cares. We know what he is really saying. When I told his speech therapist about the "TR" sound coming out as an "F" she chuckled and said "we'll work on it." And they are. And I have no doubt Parker will be saying "truck," and "train" and even "transportation" before too long.