Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nike's, Are They Really Worth It?

One of my friends and co-workers lives in the South Sacramento area of town. If you are from this area, you know where I mean. I am always telling her she needs to move. Everytime you hear something on the local news about violence, robberies, or shootings, it seems to be in that area. No I am not being stereotypical either. Just stating facts. This last Saturday was no different. From what I am reading, the new Nike Air Jordans were released for sale. A big fight broke out at Florin Mall from people trying to buy these new shoes. I am sorry but long lines are not worth $125.00 for a pair of stupid shoes. People get a life. I do like my Nike's, but they are not Air Jordan's and don't cost $125.00.

"It was crazy. People were running and screaming .... there was like six or seven cop cars here. Like four or five people got arrested," witness Rachele Delnero said.