Friday, September 23, 2005

Ever Wonder Where Hurricane Names Come From?

Well it looks like New Orleans is flooding again.

National Guard: Worst Fears Come True As N.O. Floods
Mass Evacuation From Texas Coast Continues


Dozens of blocks in the city's impoverished Ninth Ward are under water as a waterfall at least 30 feet wide pours over a dike. It had been used to patch breaks in the Industrial Canal levee.

...........and if the tragedy could get any worse.

HOUSTON -- BUS FULL OF EVACUEES EXPLODES: Click here for full story.
Authorities said the bus apparently caught fire due to a mechanical problem, and that oxygen tanks then started exploding on gridlocked Interstate 45. Dallas County Sheriff's Sgt. Don Peritz said the brakes may have been on fire, leading to the explosion.

Where do Hurricane names come from? I found this page.