Monday, September 12, 2005

DO You Know This Guy?

I bet you don't. Would you look at him and stereotype him? He looks like a thug, mean, drugs, hard core type rap guy like Eminem(no, Keith, that wasn't a compliment)? You probably wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. I think you would be wrong on that assumption. Never judge a book by it's cover. Well let me introduce you to Keith Brooks, DJ extraordinaire for Flash 92.1 (yay, 80's). Regular readers of this blog know that I love the 80's and Keith loves the 80's too. Well, yesterday I had the privilege of hearing his monologue(gripe) on the way home from work. I love listening to Keith, I think he is just a funny, smart guy and a great DJ. I think he is a closet conservative also, he will poke fun of both parties though. I listened to him before he went to Flash and now on Flash. His biggest gripe was regarding PSA's. He said he was watching MTV and there was a PSA about kids and drugs or smoking or something like that and then 5 minutes later they are playing a Ludacris video and he promotes violence , drugs and raping women. I think I have to agree with Keith on this. It is hypocrisy in it's highest form. What happened to the MTV of the early 80's. I grew up on that. I was 13 when it came on the air for the first time. 24 hours of good music videos, good VJ's: how can you forget Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood(on the air every Sunday on Flash), Mark Goodman, J.J. Jackson, and what was that blonde guys name? This rap music today and hip-hop is just trash. Keith made a point about what is wrong with our youth today. If I remember right here is one of his points and I quote.

"I then realized that we do so many strange things in this society like teach kids about sex at the age of 12 but then we can't figure out why boys have such little respect for women and women have such little respect for themselves."

Something I remember but can not quote because I don't remember exactly what he was saying word for word.
Giving kids licenses at 16 and the the number one cause of death between the ages of 16 and 18 is automobile accidents.
Giving the kids the right to drink at the age of 21 and the number one cause of deaths between the ages of 21 and 24 is drinking related deaths.
PSA's on MTV, then promoting morons like Ludacris and Eminem in the same 5 minutes.

It is no wonder our society is so messed up with today's youth and it just continues into adulthood. Lack of family support, education, and just plain morals. Keith has offered to send me a copy of the bit and when he does, I will load it to this post so that you all can hear him. He is on the air now you can listen to him live through the web. Check it out here on Flash 92.1, the best of the 80's and more, his show is 4-10pm. Or you can check out Keith Brooks page.

Keep up the good work KB. You Rock!

Ok, he has uploaded his bit from 9/7/05 and you can find it here titled KB's rant, at the top of the page. I had the pleasure of listening to it again and he is just right on with this I think.

Again man, you rock!

******Update to this post******
this was originally posted on 9/08/05 and sorry Brooke. Just to make you feel special here is your mention, Brooke Davis traffic on Flash 92.1, she's funny too. Thanks Keith for the promo, I sounded stupid. All you readers please refrain from foul language or I will remove your comment. I can take your idiot views only if you don't curse them.

pic courtesy of Flash 92.1