Saturday, September 10, 2005

Funny Stuff

I think Dave Barry is one of the funniest writers. His columns are very funny, I try to catch one once in a while. I was just surfing and came across this one today.

Smart appliances are a real stupid idea
This classic Dave Barry column was originally published on Feb. 27, 2000.
Originally published on September 10, 2005

For example, the article states, you would have a home where the dishwasher
"can be turned on from the office" and the refrigerator "knows when it's out of
milk" and the bathroom scale "transmits your weight to the gym."

I wonder whether the appliance manufacturers, with all due respect, have
been smoking crack. I mean, did they ever stop to ask themselves why a consumer,
after loading a dishwasher, would go to the office to start it? Would there be
some kind of career benefit?

If you want to improve our dishwashers, give us one that senses when people
leave dirty dishes on the kitchen counter, and shouts at them: "PUT THOSE DISHESIN THE DISHWASHER RIGHT NOW OR I'LL LEAK ALL OVER YOUR SHOES!" Likewise, we don't need a refrigerator that knows when it's out of milk. We already have a foolproof system for determining if we're out of milk: We ask our wife.

check out the article here

Something funny I thought I would share this morning.