Wednesday, September 07, 2005

For ALL Of YOU That Can't Understand Plain English.......or the facts

Thanks Paul
Shadow of Diogenes
Some Facts about Katrina
I got these tidbits off of Shrinkwrapped, You may want to read it.
(1) President Bush called for the evacuation of New Orleans before the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana did.
(2) Witnesses reported that floating grain barges may have opened the breach in the 17th Street canal wall.
(3) The levees in New Orleans were designed to withstand Category 3 hurricanes not Category 4 events and this was done decades before George W. Bush took office,
The vehement critics and Bush haters will ignore such revelations, but a fair person may take notice !

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Kitty Litter
"(1) It is against the law for any President to order troops into a city or across state lines without a request and permission from the Governor of that state."

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"Here's the Mayor's announcement for NO to evacuate. He seems to know the worst is about to happen but does little to prepare for the immediate aftermath. I guess he thinks FEMA and the military will just magically appear on his streets. In the announcement, he states that the levees may fail and, with a two day head start, does nothing in the way of providing transportation for those with no way out of town. Which brings me to the buses."

Update: Sorry Pat, I found one from you too!
Thanks Pat
"At least 1,000 times in the last nine days, a crew from the Clearwater Coast Guard Air Station has plucked a hurricane survivor from a roof. After some of them returned Wednesday, they recalled an amazing experience.The first day was the roughest, many said. There were so many people to rescue that sometimes they didn't know who to pick first.

But... but wait a minute! I thought the Federal Government didn't do anything to save lives in the first few days!"

PS, yes I am lazy that is why I copied these from my favorite sites