Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Some Hope

Hi all, back from my break. Saw a couple of movies this weekend. The Cave, Ok. Red Eye, loved it with all the non-stop suspense. Could have answered a few more questions though.

So listening to the radio this morning and I hear that some evacuees will be coming to Sacramento. Shelters to possibly be at Cal Expo and McClellan(AFB once upon a time) maybe Mather(AFB once upon a time too).

I remember something that so infuriated me last week and that was hearing Doris Matsui speaking. Dem, Congress(I think, Rich, Dave correct me if I am wrong) She was saying how Sacramento could be a New Orleans and the same thing could happen to us because we are surrounded by water. Huh? Ok, first of all was she not here in 97? I was. She is saying how we need to re-enforce the levees or we are going to be another New Orleans. Ok here is a little history and geography lesson. Hurricanes do not come up this far on the Pacific Coast. Water's to cold. Second of all if you were here in January 1997, you remember the floods in January because we had so much rain that season and rivers and creeks were over flowing and then it rained for 4 days straight. I remember that and the frantic woman on the news that morning talking about her dog. That was my favorite story to come out of that time. I am sorry but I don't have a link to that story anymore. Use to be online. Rodeo was a dog that had got trapped on the roof of his home and the waters were rising. Michael Kidd, helicopter pilot for Channel 3 at the time, and his photographer kept flying all over that day and they would come back to him. Later they noticed that the waters were getting higher and risk their safety to save him. Of course the viewing audience did not see this feat but the next shot was of Rodeo licking the face of Ron(photographer), they had saved him. A local author wrote a children's book in memory of that. I bought one. The point is the levees were re-enforced then for that very reason. How dare Doris Matsui try to take the focus off these poor people over there and try to make like we have such a dire situation here. I was just so upset when I heard that.