Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Funny Little Gadgets

Every year our company passes out these little gifts because we are so good at safety. Most years it seems to be a magnet. Well this year they have gotten creative. Beats my brain to figure it out. It is heart shaped, has a little button on the inside that if you push it a little tiny blade pokes out of the end. I think it is a letter opener, but I tried to open a letter with it and it didn't work. I think the funniest part of this is that they are rewarding us for safety, then give something we can hurt ourselves with and you know some idiot is going to. Then they are so many sue happy people in this world, they would probably sue because they hurt themselves. One of my co-workers just came over here and somebody said it was a CD opener. Well that makes sense. I put one of my CD cases(minus the plastic) up to it and it fits right into the groove part where the button and the blade is. Well then that is kind of cool. Plastic on CD cases are such a pain. I still think it is funny that it is a safety gift and you can hurt yourself with it.