Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Matrix?

Machines and objects to overtake humans on the Internet: ITU
Nov 17 7:55 AM US/Eastern

One might wonder with few of the things mentioned in this article.

In a report entitled "Internet of Things", the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) outlined the expected next stage in the technological revolution where humans, electronic devices, inanimate objects and databases are linked by a radically transformed Internet

"It would seem that science fiction is slowly turning into science fact in an 'Internet of Things' based on ubiquitous network connectivity," the report said Thursday, saying objects would take on human characteristics thanks to technological innovation.

Currently there are about 875 million Internet users worldwide, a number that may simply double if humans remain the primary users of the future. But experts are counting on tens of billions of human and inanimate "users" in future decades.

Technology has come a long way. Just looking back in the last 30 years. What does our future hold? I ask you now. The blue pill or the red pill?