Sunday, February 19, 2006

Signing OFF for a While!

Thanks Dave for your very thoughtful words . Dave is a very good friend of ours in and out of the blog world. One of the very first readers I had on this site. I will be not be posting for a while as my pregnancy is taking it's toll on me and my time. My son is always at the front of my mind with the worry that he is going to be born OK. We are now scheduled for the hospital twice a week for tests, Dr's every other week and more. We have seen many doctor's besides the regular OB and we are hoping all works out. He is due on 05/10/06 but possibly will be coming up to 4 weeks earlier. The good thing is he is very active and I feel him moving a kicking on a regular basis and he is developing normally. The possible problem lies in his brain. Thank you all of my loyal readers and dear friends for sticking with me. Your hopes, thoughts, and prayers are always welcome. Until later

Mrs. Media Matters and Parker (Baby Media Matters)

OH and Happy Birthday Robert! (my brother)