Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gotta Love RUSH!!

The left hating right winger! I was in the car on my way to get somthing to eat for lunch so I didn't get to hear much of what he was talking about but I got the gist. He was talking about Elizabeth Vargas and her new story on SuperVolcano and about the doom and gloom left. Apparantly it was all about what you would do on you last day of earth. He was making fun of a lot of the people and saying the same thing over and over. His comment was" what would you do if an ABC camera was in your face asking you what you would do on the last day of your life(if you knew it was coming)." "Don't know, never thought about it, now get out of my face." He was talking about how the left is all about this disaster thing. Apparantly our biggest volcano is in Yellowstone and that it could blow anyday now. It is suppose to blow ever 600,000 years and it has been 630,000 so it's late. Then he proceeded to talk about all the things that have happened in the last 30,000 years. He says we still aren't too sure who built the pyramids. Egyptians or Aliens. I think he was making a joke. I thought it was funny. The point is, I like Rush, think he is right-on with what he says. The clincher the left is all about disaster and what-if's. Not very good about the here and now and that is the scary part.

On our way to Florida until next Wednesday. Bye All, Baby Media Matters first plane trip.