Monday, August 21, 2006

Fathers and Football

Footballer Father Fights NCAA Eligibility Rule

Player Took Time Off When His Child Was Born

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- A University of Kansas football player is tackling the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Kansas City television station KMBC reported.

In 2001, KU defensive tackle Eric Butler took time off when his daughter was born, and now he wants more playing time.

A NCAA representative said the rule is for pregnant female athletes who physically can't particpate in sports and that men don't have the same issue.

Mrs Media Matters wants your opinion on this issue, do you think Male and Female athletes should get the same amount of time off and both be eligible for another year of eligibilty. I do. Laws now give father's the oppurtunity to stay home for bonding time with their babies and the law protects their jobs. Why can't that apply to eligbility for a team sport.