Thursday, August 03, 2006

More on the Debit Fraud Story........

It seem more is coming to light about this case. It makes me worry about using my debit card anywhere.

Concern Mounts Over Debit Card Fraud Case
Dollar Tree Customers Report Money Stolen

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Concern is mounting as the scope of a debit card fraud case continues to grow.

Hundreds of Sacramento and Modesto consumers who shopped at Dollar Tree stores said they later had money stolen from their bank accounts.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said they've received about 40 formal complaints so far. Federal, state and local investigators are working the case in California and Oregon.

University of California, Davis professor and researcher Dr. Matthew Bishop's specialty is computer security. Bishop has also written a text book on the subject.

He said stores and their customers can have financial data stolen in many ways -- from tapping into banking systems to intercepting wireless data transmissions.

Web sites for computer hackers offer products and programs for legal and illegal activities. Machines to encode credit card magnetic strips are hot items.

You can read the rest of the article in my link above. A whole new meaning to "buyer beware."