Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This is Scary to Think About.

I use my ATM card for just about all purchases. I never carry cash anymore. But I think next time I go to the dollar store I will.

Victims Come Forward In Dollar Tree Fraud Case
Federal, State, Local Authorities Investigating

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Dozens of local victims have come forward in a
massive debit card fraud investigation involving Dollar Tree stores.

Federal, state and local investigators are looking into hundreds of fraud complaints from people who suddenly found hundreds of dollars stolen from their bank accounts by a sophisticated ring of electronic bandits who recreated ATM debit cards and are believed to have stolen more than $600,000.

There are 150 victims in Modesto who all shopped at a Dollar Tree store and another 200 victims in southern Oregon -- all because sophisticated electronic thieves are stealing and decoding financial data from Dollar Tree purchases.

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