Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Higher Taxes and the Middle Class

Middle Class, I would describe that as our lifestyle and income. I was listening to the Radio this morning and they were interviewing someone. Advisor to the Democratic party or something. All I caught was that this was an idiot I was listening too. He was talking about the debate that happened on Saturday between the governor and that idiot Angelides. He was talking about how Phil Angelides promises to cut taxes for the Middle Class. It got me thinking. I remember those same promises from the Gray Davis campaign too and I didn't not see a drop in taxes. I have actually had to pay state. If you want to convince me that there is a going to be a drop in our taxes I had better see it on my next years return for the state and let's see add sales tax to that and utility tax and then I might believe the Democrats are capable of lowering taxes. We all know what happened to Davis. I hear now that Angelides is going up and down the state doing a biographical campaign strategy, "Get to know your candidate." NO thanks! Vote ARNOLD. He's not that great but he is better than Angelides. NO on 87 we don't need a higher gas tax either.