Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mrs Media Matters turns 40

Well my birthday was this past Sunday (4/20) and I turned 40! One of the biggest questions I get is "How does it feel to be 40?" Well let me answer it this way......

No different than being 39. I just don't see myself being 40, as I tell everybody I am too childish and immature to be 40. You know I do work full time. I have a family, own my own home(with hubby of course), which thanks to the falling home prices we were able to buy our first home together in August of last year, yay us, and I am a typical grown-up in that fashion. This 40 year old woman loves stuffed animals, video arcades, happy meal toys, and midways at the fair or Circus Circus (Reno). I don't think that is a typical 40 year old behavior. It is typical for me though. So the question arises quite frequently "how does it feel to be 40" and I have the same answer for everybody. "Who's 40?" So the old cliche is true, you are as young as you think you are.

Let Mrs. Media Matters know what kind of things make you feel young.