Monday, May 05, 2008

Do You Work Here?

I do!

Seven Ways to Handle Your Dysfunctional Office
by Margot Carmichael LesterMonster Contributing Writer
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  • Step Away from the Action: Start looking at your office as though it were any dysfunctional organization from movies or TV. “Sit back as an observer and watch,”
  • Remain in Control: One way to stay functional is to avoid returning fire -- no matter how under siege you feel.
  • Stay Focused: Concentrating on your job performance while others are engaged in less-productive activities can be an effective way of coping and advancing,
  • Tune Out: If you’re in a position to close yourself off from the insanity and negativity, do it, advises Erik Myers
  • Enlist Allies: Sometimes it helps to find what career coach Marty Nemko calls “an island of sanity amid the maelstrom.”
  • Look for Patterns: Studying -- but not obsessing over -- colleagues’ dysfunctional tendencies can give you an edge, Flagg says
  • Leave: the end, the best outcome may be to move on. “It's really the only thing that actually works,”

I wouldn't say that I need to leave my job, I do love it and it does get frustrating dealing with the politics of the job, but all offices have office politics and the ones that think the people they work for owe them something. We have quite a few of them here.

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