Monday, May 05, 2008

I Can No Longer Be Quiet!

I have a few issues I would like to discuss that are bothering me. First of all let's talk about little Miley Cyrus. I love her, I love Hannah Montana. I think the show is cute and she is a great role model for young girls, her show is fun. Everyone who opens a paper, reads the Internet, or just turns on the t.v. should be aware of the scandal surrounding her. Vanity Fair did and article with her and her dad and the controversy is the picture she posed for. I have seen the picture and I am appalled that this would be allowed. She is 15, Yes, only 15. With a world full of pedophiles, rapists, and just any other sicko that would exploit a picture(on the Internet) why would this be allowed to happen? This is not a woman but a child. How could her family say this is beautiful, again SHE IS 15! In a world full of sickos why would you do this? This is telling girls who are very impressionable and vulnerable that it is OK to expose our back sides to camera as nothing else is showing. That is not the point, it is too seductive for a child that age.

So this now brings me to my next subject with a small lead in.

What has the world come too? I think you can thank women's lib, gay rights and other crazy wacko groups for this one. Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with gays and I have no problem with women getting equal rights as men, in pay and that sort of stuff if they can do the job. I do have a problem with the twits out there that have to take it to the extreme. Where was it that we got off the track of what is actually norm/avg and what is just lunacy? Take the girl that had to be in Boy Scouts or the Woman who had to be in the Citadel(then flunked out) or the women that have to be in the Men only Clubs. Where did we lose our sense of individuality and separation from the opposite sex. MEN AND WOMEN ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. There is a reason for that. Men should be allowed to have their separate interests and so should women. This now brings me to my second subject in this post.

Gay Wisconsin Teen Nominated For Prom Queen
High School Bars Student From Royalty Ballot
POSTED: 4:30 pm PDT May 2, 2008

RACINE, Wis. -- A Wisconsin high school has told an openly gay student that he can not go after the title of prom queen after classmates nominated him.

"If a guy can win Miss Legs and a girl can win Miss Physique, how is that different than me being nominated for prom queen?" said Uriel Gomez, a student at Washington Park High School in Racine

With two weeks until the May 17 prom, Gomez is in limbo and feels his reasons to be in the running are legitimate.
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So this brings me to my point, I have nothing against gay people but this is taking it too far. Kings are men and Queens are women and we should not change that fact because a little boy wants to be one. This may seem prejudice to some but it is not. We have to draw the line somewhere.