Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do You Make More Than Your Husband?

If you were to look at our hourly wage, I beat my husband by a landslide in salary. My husband gets reimbursements for his job that do surpass my pay though, so in some cases he does bring home more than I do. Do I resent my husband in the fact that I make more than him? No, I do believe we have had a few heated conversations(and just recently) about money but it can be a stressful subject. Do I wish we both made more? Definitely! With the cost of everything rising, it is much better to be making more money than we do. Do I feel our economy is in a crisis? NO! I am still at the very crowded Wal-Mart shopping like everyone else. It is definitely a matter of making smarter decisions in our purchases, and this can be said for anyone. Why am I posting on money? See below.

Some Women Breadwinners Resent Husbands
Work's Importance Can Create Tension
POSTED: 11:43 am PDT May 20, 2008

Some women who are the primary breadwinners for their families -- or those who earn as much as their husbands -- are proud but also resent their husbands, according to a new survey by

The survey was sent to 100 women, 25 of whom responded. They were asked about how the salary situation affected their relationships, some of which had already led to divorce.

Some women complained that they were still expected to do traditional "women's work" at home despite the demands of their jobs, and others found that they could just not agree with their husbands on how to arrange their lives to fit two important working schedules

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One thing, my husband and I do share the housework and the baby work. I try to cook often and he gets to the dishes frequently. I wouldn't mind making double my salary and letting him stay home and be Mr. Mom which I think he would enjoy. In this day and age that is just not feasible because Baby Media Matters will someday be Big Boy Media Matters and then Teenage Boy Media Matters and things just get more expensive as time goes by.