Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The MM family had the esteemed honor of being present at a Sarah Palin rally and it was exciting. The MM family traveled a little over 100 miles to Reno Nevada from our humble abode twice this weekend (which I made a 4 day one for myself). Friday night we stayed at Circus Circus so Mr MM could get the tickets for today's rally and then came home Saturday to return yesterday and stay at the Atlantis, which is right across the street from Reno/Sparks Convention Center where the Magnificent Sarah Palin was to speak. It was an incredible experience and well worth the trip, plus it helped that Mrs. MM won quite a good stash of money YAY ME!. It started off with a few Nevada politician speakers then Lee Greenwood singing. I was shaking so hard when he was singing I couldn't hold my video camera steady. One of the neat things I did was make a sign and she acknowlegded it twice. It was so great. She even signed it. WOW! Ok, on to the pictures.

OK here is the pic of the sign and I am putting this on here much to my dismay showing how fat I look because I am hunched over so she could get baby MM in the picture. Just look up in the right had corner of the sign and you can see her signature.