Saturday, October 25, 2008


I am so disgusted and disappointed with the Fox News Channel this election. It is as if they have drunk the Obama Kool-aid and are so worried about the fact that he picks on them during his speeches. Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol have all gone soft. I know it is not there job to cheerlead for my favorite candidates. Still, there negativity and condescension toward the Republican ticket is palpable. Brit is trying so hard not to offend anyone he has lost his bite and his ability to defend conservative principles. Barnes just wants everyone to know what a stand up guy Obama is, which is baloney. Krauthammer has hammered Palin from day one (although he did admittedly endorse McCain in a recent column). And Kristol, though an early fan of Palin, is just so doom and gloom that it is depressing. I really can't watch that show anymore. It makes me too angry.

Obviously there are some bright spots on Fox still. O'Reilly really went after Barney Frank. Megyn Kendall is superb when she challenges Obama spokespeople and media elite. And of course there is always Hannity who has given Palin some important exposure and delved into Obama's shady associations. But I still feel depressed. Fox News was the one TV outlet I could count on to not make fun of my views. And now they have lost me because they are trying so hard to downplay my views. Obama has scared everyone into fearing that they will be called racist if they don't bow down before him. The Messiah bit is very eerie.