Friday, November 28, 2008


I am a guy. The husband of Mrs. MM, who lets me guest post here. But even though it has been established that I am a guy, I have the "chick flick" gene. I am not sure how. I just do. And I am willing to admit it. I like a good action flick or comedy, too. But movies where the main characters are female seem to appeal to me as well. I finally figured out why. Chick flicks are the best at examining the human condition. Though they usually leave God out of the equation, which is unfortunate, they nevertheless are the best at showing how relationships can help to heal our hurts and restore our lives. Take for example, the movie I watched last night, "The Holiday." Total chick flick. Kate Winslett and Cameron Diaz star as women who are losers in love and need to escape their scene for the Christmas season. So they swap houses and Winslett moves into Diaz' estate in LA while Diaz inhabits Winslett's cottage in England. I doubt this sort of plot point ever happens in real life, but somehow the movie made it believable. And through the course of the movie, Winslett meets some men who help her get some gumption. While Diaz meets a man and they grieve together over the love they have lost in their life. Of course, it's a love story so the two women fall in love with the men they meet. There's a lot of romance and tears and emotional baggage. Yet I felt connected to the healing these characters experienced. It moved me. It made me want to help other people, real people, find healing in their lives through relationships. Not that I necessarily know how to do that at this point, but maybe a few more chick movies and that will become more obvious as well.

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