Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Think twice before getting tattoo, expert advises
By Megan Rauscher, Reuters: article

I found this very interesting article about tattoos. Do you have one? I do. When I was 25 years old I decided I wanted to get one and considered it my 25th birthday present to myself. I have no regrets. Some may after they do it and that is what the article focused on. Make sure if you want one, really want one. Oh, you want to know where it is huh? That's ok, I'll tell. It is not in a very weird place, it is on the back of my left shoulder, the picture is of a butterfly and a heart with swirls. My husband would prefer if I didn't get another one, but I want one. So I settled for just having the one I have re-colored, it has been 12 years since I got it. So eventually I will go in to have it re-colored. One of the first questions people ask me is "didn't it hurt?" No, it didn't, remember Indian burns as a kid? It kind of feels like that. Just an irritation really, it took 45 minutes to do mine. I do agree with this article though that you should really think it through before getting a tattoo, it's permanent and doesn't just wash off and pretty expensive and time consuming to have removed. I do think also that tattoos can get way out of hand and just look tacky that way. I don't think one or two is a problem.