Thursday, August 18, 2005

Daily Print, Dodo Bird?

Is the daily print going the way of the Dodo Bird? Reading this article, one might wonder.

Deadline HollywoodHollywood to Newsosaurs:
Drop DeadAs Daily Demos turn gray, Hollywood ad dollars go away

"Every major movie studio is rethinking its reliably humongous display ad
buys in those papers because those newsosaur readers are, to quote one mogul,
“older and elitist” compared to younger, low-brow filmgoers — so it makes no
sense to waste the dough."

With Hollywood wanting to pull huge ads from daily prints, is this just the beginning of the end for the daily print? Could it just be because box office sales are down and they are just trying to streamline? What other companies might consider pulling their ads after Hollywood. With a lot of people heading online to get their daily dose of the news and a lot of people not trusting what is called the Main Stream Media, you have to wonder. The two newspapers listed in this article, I know, are not trusted by a lot of people to give the real story. I know I don't buy the paper and my husband only trusts the internet, bloggers and the Fox News Channel for the real story. How long might it be before the Newsprint becomes a fossil?