Saturday, September 03, 2005

Is It Getting Better?

I believe so, that there is new light. Ok, this morning I ventured onto the Fox News Channel briefly, as I said yesterday I was trying to not watch so much coverage. I was watching Geraldo live at the convention center in New Orleans and he was talking about and watching the helicopters land, picking people up, explaining how many people could get on them. As he is watching them come down from the sky, you could not help but be excited with him as he is carrying on about this, then he just shouted "God Bless the USA." in his excitement. Then of course there was the dim side to all of this, there are still people in the center, but people were finally being airlifted out of there. The troops were finally patrolling the streets and hopefully this will put a end to the negative element that was plaguing those streets with their violence . I also heard this morning that President Bush had made a plea to that Governor to evacuate the city before this happened and she did not heed his warning. The Bush bashing continues as it always does, whether it be the war, economy, or a natural disaster. It must be Bush's fault. Please, give me a break.