Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Local Heroes

I want to change the subject a little today and get away from the Political maelstrom we are in right now.

If you live in the Sacramento area you might remember this guy:

Deputy Sheriff Jeffrey V. Mitchell

He was a Sacramento Sheriff Deputy that was shot and killed, on what was suppose to be routine traffic stop, 2 years ago on 10/27/2006. A co-worker of mine was wearing a t-shirt today with that memoriam on it for this officer. You see, she is the wife of one of CA's finest, a CHP officer. Her shirt reminded me of how brave these men and women are; just like our troops that fight over seas they fight on our local soil for freedoms and justices also. I told her today what a brave and courageous women she is to be a wife of police officer but that goes for the men also that are husbands of police officers. Every day you have to take that risk of your spouse not coming home but they deal with it and try not to dwell on it and go on with their daily lives.

Please visit this site, Officer Mitchell's case still remains unsolved and if you have any information on this case please contact your local law enforcement agency.