Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christians, Conservatives and Candidates

How do we convince conservative Christians that they have to do more than just vote, they have to get out and work for their candidates for elected office? This is a divided country and conservatives are not going to win many elections, especially for President, unless we get involved with blood, sweat and tears. We cannot just sit on the sidelines and then say, when we lose, that it was God's will. Baloney. It was our will. We were lazy. We didn't get involved. We didn't make it happen. Christian conservatives need to stop relying on the mainstream media for their news and information. We need to recruit strong conservative candidates and support them with our time and money and effort. That means donating money to conservative campaigns, attending political rallies, participating in polls when called, displaying and passing out yard signs, making phone calls and writing emails on behalf of our preferred candidates, praying about the election, and the list goes on.

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