Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am about 2/3s of the way through Karen Hughes' autobiography, "Ten Minutes from Normal." I am really enjoying it. As a former counselor to President George W. Bush, all the way back to his Texas days, even before he became Governor, she has great insight into his character and decision-making process. She is a spunky lady and a hard worker and it is nice to sense her loyalty to her boss. She's not writing a gossipy, tell-all. She is writing a view of history that is favorable to President Bush. I have always liked the President. I think he is a godly, courageous man. And this book is reminding me of what I've always liked about him. He comes across as friendly, humorous, smart, intuitive, fun-loving and loyal. These are great character traits. He may be unpopular now, but a decade from now the US will be so grateful W. was our President. And books like the one Hughes has written will help inform that transformation.

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