Friday, May 20, 2005

Advertising on TV or Radio

Some ads really capture my interest and some just absolutely dumbfound(disgust) me. Those Quizno's ads have got to go. That ad is enough to keep me away from Quizno's. I think talking babies are just dumb advertising. I am glad they stopped the Carl's Jr's ones. That was worse. Who comes up with these things.

One ad I do find very appealing is the Buick ad for the La Crosse. It is sleek, sexy and very appealing. I love everything about the commercial including the music. Aerosmith's "Dream On". I think the car and the ad go well together. If luxury is what you are looking for I think this ad gives you that. I would be inclined to purchase this car if I was looking for a luxury vehicle.

Let's move on to my favorite all time commercial. That would have to be the one with my husband in it. If you are a Sacramento Kings fan and watched any of this seasons games I guarantee you saw him. He is the guy shaving his head to look like Mike Bibby. It is a commercial for Sacramento Bee. Yep, that is Mr. Media Matters. No, I am not bias. I loved that commercial before I even met him. You can ask my friends. Then we ended up meeting some months later after he made it.

Mrs. Media Matters is also thrilled that she figured out how to get her picture to this blog. If you click on view my complete profile you will see what this spunky, feisty and opinionated woman looks like. Oh yeah that's me!

Later all of my adoring fans (jk) you know who both of you are.