Thursday, August 04, 2005

Around the Blog World and Back

Stopping by some of my favorite blogs, I came across and few things I agree with.

Pam over at Blogmeister USA, seems to have noticed that the usually very outspoken celebs have been on hiatus. I think she is right. It has been pretty quiet.

Kitty has some comments on my one of my pet peeves. Children and parent's ideas of style. Her poor grandson. What possesses a person to put an earring in a 2 year old boy. Or a mohawk on a 5 year old. Children will have all that time when they are teens to do battle with their style, can't you let them be a normal child when they are little? Parent's please get some help. I did see a young child in the store the other day with funky hair and couldn't of been more than 7. ARRRGGHHH! I have heard parents on talk shows say that they have no control of their 10 year old girl wearing sexy clothes. Oh, you don't? Well then there is problem with your parenting skills. If you can't set ground rules when they are young, then you have lost the battle already, forget the teen years.