Monday, August 01, 2005

Tid Bits

Yay! My radio station won. Flash 92.1, woo hoo.
Sorry, I can't find a logo yet to put here.

OK , we all know how much I hate reality TV(and if you don't that's ok, now you do). I won't even watch a show and try to give it a chance. So what do I find myself doing on Saturday morning. None other than watching "I want to be a Soap Star," for three hours. I can't believe it I got myself suckered into watching all of those horrible people (gulp...actors) trying to compete for a spot on All My Children. What happened to me? Now I am stuck, because I think Farley is the best and now I have to see if he wins. ARRRGGGHHHH! My husband doesn't think so because the last season (first) a black guy won and he doesn't think that they will pick another one. That would really suck because I think he is the best one. I don't like any of the two women left. BAD, BAD, BAD. My soap is Days of Our Lives and has been for almost 25 years. I have been watching it on and off since I was 12. Excellent job Farah Fath (Mimi) , her total break-down of Rex walking out on her was very good last week. I could totally relate. I felt like that when my boyfriend (husband now) and I would fight and I thought it was my fault and he was going to leave me for good. I think I really broke down and sobbed like that in those moments, almost to the point of hysteria, so again, excellent job Farah. I am sure there are a lot of women that could relate to that utter despair for some moments in their life, especially when you know it is the love of your life that you hurt.

Well it is Monday and has been a typical Monday. I had a shrimp incident this morning, my computer has been acting up all day, and the phones were down for a while. I am almost done with my lunch (1/2 hour). Is it time to go home yet?

Happy Day all.